About Me

Kyra Pyromali

 I have been working therapeutically in the public and private sector with adolescents, adults and couples for the past 8 years.  While working as a therapist, I found that when people deepened their relationship with their body and mind, an opportunity arose to be resilient and healed.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Panteion University of Athens, Greece and completed my Master of Science in Health Psychology from Leiden University, the Netherlands. Currently, I live in Amsterdam where I am working as a psychologist with individuals from all over the world. In addition, I work as a tutor and mentor of the international students of psychology in Leiden University and I am in the process of obtaining the European Certification of Psychotherapists.

Moving abroad was a big challenge for me but helped me a lot to evolve as a therapist and as a person. Sometimes, leaving your comfort zone is an opportunity to see things and yourself in a different way. I am always interested in people’s psychology and I never stop developing as a therapist.

I will be glad working with you and start collectively your journey of exploration, discovery and healing.