About Unravel Psychology

Many people reach a point in their lives where old habits of managing thoughts and feelings no longer work.  We are mistakenly led to believe that a frenzy of activity will quiet our unrest; however what lies beneath is a range of psychological challenges such as depression, overwhelming stress and anxiety, panic attacks, perfectionism and addictions. Suppressing emotion simply makes life more difficult and hinders our relationships. By talking about those thoughts and feelings, you can free yourself from their crippling effects.

I will help you identify the ways that you undermine yourself in relationships and professional life.  Through the healing process, you can build confidence, develop loving and satisfying connections with others, and create a life of greater contentment and success.

Psychological Support & Counseling

In unravel psychology I will assist you in resolving the complexity of human psychology. If you find yourself experiencing issues such as

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • isolation
  • loss and grief
  • health problems (such as cancer and diabetes)
  • personal growth
  • Lgbtqi

Here, you can find a safe and emphatic environment to unravel the threads of the issue and arrive at a solution.

Together, we will explore the relationships that exist in your life and how they have worked toward shaping who you are. By establishing an awareness of the world you live in and the different systems you are a part of, a clearer perspective can be gained. By systems, I am referring to family of origin, gender, culture, ethnicity, geographic location, sexuality and such, and the way each of these impact the way you experience life. Often, many of the symptoms that bring you to therapy, can be mapped to dysfunctional or traumatic aspects of the systems you are or were a part of.

Once a clearer perspective is established, we will collaboratively start creating healthier ways to relate to yourself individually, and then move on to others areas. The core of all the work, is the way you first relate to yourself.

How I work

In unravel psychology we work together towards a better and brighter life. Of importance is the empowerment that comes from within. By assisting you to recognize and utilize your personal strengths and understand your limitations, you can grow into a happy, healthy individual.

I focus on the interaction of body, mind & everyday life; a link that is often neglected. Both physical and psychological struggles have a negative effect on somebody’s (everyday) life. For example, someone who suffer from a (chronic) physical disease often also experience a mental discomfort that can lead to poor social relationships and psychological problems. Reversed, those who have a psychological disorder tend to overlook their physical care. I believe that by addressing body, mind and everyday life experiences we can escape the vicious circle and obtain better and long-lasting results. Without the body and mind accessed together as a unit, we will not be able to understand & heal.

From my experience I know that people benefit most from therapy that is tailored to their personality, beliefs and needs. Together we can identify the most fitting approach for you from a variety of techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, psychoanalysis, psychodynamics and mindfulness.

I offer a safe and supportive environment in counseling. I believe that everyone has the hope of living a healthy life full of authenticity, harmony and connection. You can expect to find a calm, open-minded companion in me during counseling or therapy sessions. My approach to counseling is rooted in the belief that this is a sacred space for you to share your experiences. You will feel cared about, respected and empowered to make changes within yourself and with others.